Mainstay Calcio

Liquid calcium with the highest content, high absorption.



The product is presented in liquid form and has the highest calcium content of any product on the market. It is absorbed from the entire length of the root and therefore has four times the absorption of calcium nitrate and three times that of calcium chloride. Combined with our company’s phosphors. One kilogram of our product is capable of replacing 12 kilograms of calcium nitrate. It contributes to the proper cohesion and structure of plant tissues, fruits and intercellular walls. The only products with NANO certificates.



5 lt, 20 lt

Method of application

Calcium without nitrogen. Threefold absorption by CaCl2, Fourfold absorption by Ca(NO3)2
Interleaf: 100-200 cubic metres. cm /acre
Root irrigation: 0,5-1lt/acre
Able to meet all the plant’s calcium needs with rapid movement to the fruit


Ca : 20% β/β – CaO : 30% β/β ή 44% β/ο

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