Quality Policy

The basic principle and commitment of the company «ΕΜΜΑΝΟΥΗΛ ΒΛΑΧΟΓΙΑΝΝΑΚΗΣ ΜΟΝΟΠΡΟΣΩΠΗ ΕΠΕ» is to ensure the quality of the services offered to its customers.

In order to achieve this goal:

✓ It has adopted a Quality Management System, in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, which it applies in all activities related to the sale of products and services provided to its customers.

✓ It is committed to continuous compliance with applicable national and European legislative and regulatory requirements.

✓ It sets objectives, monitors and evaluates them in terms of their achievement, in the context of the Quality Management System Review.

✓ Consistently monitors critical parameters and processes to ensure the quality and safety of facilities, services and personnel.

✓ Identifies and allocates all the necessary resources to ensure the smooth, efficient and effective operation of the Company.

✓ It continuously invests in the development of new technologies and techniques that improve the level of its services and create a modern and professionally suitable working environment.

✓ It is systematically informed about developments in the sector in which it operates.

✓ It ensures the continuous training, information and education of all its staff in order to promote Quality in its services.

✓ Committed to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, with the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction.

Corporate purpose of «ΕΜΜΑΝΟΥΗΛ ΒΛΑΧΟΓΙΑΝΝΑΚΗΣ ΜΟΝΟΠΡΟΣΩΠΗ ΕΠΕ» is to conduct its business in a way that reinforces its value as a business, in relation to its people, its customers, its external providers and the local and wider community, with practices characterised by responsibility and integrity.